EVC iDrive WindBooster Throttle Controller EVC301L
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EVC iDrive WindBooster Throttle Controller EVC301L

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How does it work?
The iDRIVE throttle controller modifies the voltage signal from the fly by wire pedal assembly to allow you to tune the response from your accelerator pedal and greatly reduce the dead zone from when you initially depress the pedal commonly referred to as throttle lag. The iDRIVE does not plug into the OBDII port.
Does iDRIVE increase power output?
No, iDRIVE throttle controllers wont increase power output. They have no control over fuel mapping, air fuel ratio or injection timing etc. iDRIVEs simply change the way your throttle responds for sharper response. Although the exact result is hard to explain it basically wakes the car up and makes the acceleration feel less lazy.
Is iDRIVE suitable for Towing?
iDRIVE throttle controllers are very useful for towing as they help to get the vehicle moving with less effort, especially useful for towing around town where there is a lot of stopping and starting.
Is iDRIVE suitable for Manual Transmission?
iDRIVE throttle controllers are suited to both Automatic and Manual transmission.
Is iDRIVE hard to install?
On most vehicles an iDRIVE can be installed in less than 2 minutes with no special tools or technical knowledge required. It is a simple plug and play device that is designed to specifically integrate into your vehicle.
Is iDRIVE universal or vehicle specific?
Although there are many shared applications, each iDRIVE application is relatively unique to each vehicle. Please check our application guide to see if your model is available. If you don't see your vehicle listed please feel free to contact us to check as we are adding new applications all the time.
Is iDRIVE suitable for petrol vehicles?
The iDRIVE throttle controller can be used on both naturally aspirated and forced induction Petrol and Diesel engines.
Can't I just press the accelerator down faster to replicate the same response?
IDRIVE throttle controllers work in 2 ways. When you first depress the pedal there is what is referred to as a dead zone where there is very little response, no matter how hard or fast you hit the pedal you can't overcome this. The iDRIVE converts this signal to action, greatly reducing this dead zone. The second part is opening the throttle earlier in the pedal stroke, in theory you might be able to replicate this by pressing the pedal faster and harder, but in practice you can't. For anyone who doubts the effectiveness of an iDRIVE throttle controller, I highly recommend taking advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with the result you can send it back for a full refund – no questions asked.
When the iDRIVE was first launched on the market, on one of the Ford Rangers forums there was a gent who constantly told perspective customers they were wasting their money and could just put their foot down harder to get the same result. After weeks of this persons negative comments – I offered to send him one with an invoice. If he was happy with it he could pay the invoice, if not I would pay for the return postage. Not only did he pay the invoice, he then went on to post a full apology and very generous product review.
Will iDRIVE work with other modifications?
Aftermarket Cruise Control – Yes, to date we have not seen an aftermarket cruise control that won't work with an iDRIVE including units that plug directly into the fly by wire system.
ECU Tune / Re-flash – Yes, iDRIVE throttle controllers can still be used after an ECU tune/reflash. In most instances tuners don't change throttle parameters. Even when throttle parameters are changed the adjustability of throttle response that the iDRIVE provides can still be quite useful.
Power Chips / Exhaust – Yes, Power chips and upgraded exhaust system work on a different part of the car so an iDRIVE will only compliment the positive effects of chips and exhausts.
Will an iDRIVE void my new car warranty?
Any aftermarket/non-genuine modification you make to your new car will have some impact on your new car warranty, if it is deemed to have caused the issue you are seeking warranty on. In respect to iDRIVE, iDRIVE Australia has done extensive testing to ensure a correctly fitted iDRIVE wont damage your vehicle. The iDRIVE has been designed so that if it develops a fault, the vehicle can be put back to factory settings and the vehicle will return to normal operation. So if you are ever concerned, simply remove the iDRIVE and plug the factory wiring back into the pedal assembly. In the unlikely event that the iDRIVE does damage your vehicle the iDRIVE is fully covered by our product liability insurance.
My iDRIVE doesn't turn off?
iDRIVE throttle controllers don't require there own power source. They rely on power from the accelerator pedal. In many vehicles, when power to the ignition is cut many accessories take some time to power down. You may find it will take 30 seconds before your iDRIVE turns off. It may also turn off during periods of inactivity such as when cruise control is in operation. Simply touching the accelerator will instantly turn it on.

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